Football Cheer Sideline Cheer · Penner is Athletic/Activities Student of the Week

The Westonka Activities Department is proud to name Mound Westonka High School senior Sienna Penner Westonka Athletic/Activities Student of the Week for the Week of Sept. 7, 2015.

Comments from football cheerleading head coach Nella Witczek: Sienna has shown incredible teamwork this season. She works well with everyone, not letting her status as a returning cheerleader and senior overshadow her ability to collaborate and get along with all levels of skill and grades within our team. She understands that each person is important and helps them come together, without leaving anyone out.

Sienna possesses great leadership when trying new stunts and is always one of the first to say, “Let’s do this!” Even in times when she is a little less confident that she can do something, she pursues it to get it right by asking questions and/or practicing. She definitely strives for excellence from herself and the team. If the team is not getting a cheer or a stunt right, she speaks up and is in the foreground of figuring out how to make it work.

She has shown respect throughout the season, not only to her coaches but to her captains and her teammates equally. She understands the importance of safety during stunting. She knows how to have fun while still being serious.

Sienna is honest and fair. If she doesn’t think something is doable after a few tries, she will let the team know. She takes full responsibility for her words and her actions and, for that, she has earned my respect as a coach. She personally has a very strong character. Even if she may not know it, her presence is felt, and she is very much appreciated.

Congratulations, Sienna!

Teamwork. Leadership. Respect. Integrity. Excellence.