Girls Junior Varsity Basketball · JV Girls Basketball Participates in Westonka Jamboree

By Jason Hirdler

On Dec. 27 and 28, the White Hawks girls JV basketball team participated in the 2018 Westonka Jamboree. Mound Westonka took on the Fridley Tigers and the Highland Park Hylanders.

The Tigers were the first team to fall victim to the hungry underclasswomen, who tossed in 33 points in the first half. Sophomore JV standout (and varsity substitute) Sydney Eidsness grabbed a rebound and ran it in for an easy layup for the first points of the game. Then after a few minutes of out-hustling the winded Tigresses, ninth-grader Hannah Drill slipped an assist to Eidsness for another two points.

White Hawks sophomore point guard Greta Blanck (also a varsity substitute) kept the momentum going, as she ran in a few acrobatic layups then iced it off with a 3-point shot that brought the modest sized crowd to their feet. Blanck led the team in points during the first half with 13 (five of those were free throws).

Junior track star Ellie Schmidt made some highlights of her own, as she showed quick hands and quick feet. After pocketing a couple steals, Schmidt made sure the Cats kept their distance while in the paint.

The coaching staff then greased up eighth-grader Alicia Hatlestad and tossed her in the mix. With her cobra-like quickness, Hatlestad wreaked havoc on the Fridley players. After a quick-handed rebound, she ran the rock coast-to-coast for an anti-gravitational layup (yes, that is a new word, just like woke).

The second half was another team effort. White Hawks sophomore guard Rachel Mergen rang up a number of points for the Hawks and also formed a blanket over the Fridley offense on the defensive side of the ball.

Westonka’s own 6-footer, ninth-grader Annie Springer, contributed to the one-sided victory as well. Springer’s rebounding skills matched her name, as she sprung into action to guard the home net like a wolverine protects her den.

Junior Hailey Peterson added to the excitement as well. Peterson was more than eager to mix it up while being inspired with White Hawks Fever. The final score was 44-23.

The next team to fall to the Hawks from Halstead’s Bay were the Columbia Heights Hylanders. Drill led the team in scoring, blasting 10 points in the first half (including a few 3-point meatballs). Blanck played second fiddle to Drill with nine points. The Hawks totaled 33 points by halftime.

As the team continued to roll over the Hylanders during the second half, the neighbors from the north threw in the towel, and the White Hawks sailed to another win, 47-20.

The JV coaching staff, which includes coaches Eddie Kutz, “Butch” Humbert and Bobbie Jo Tronsgard, has done a stellar job, as the White Hawks JV team has a winning record of nine wins and one loss.