DECA DECA · Westonka DECA to Send 32 Students to Internationals

DECA ICDC participants
Westonka DECA program is sending 32 students to Nashville next month to compete at DECA Internationals. Bottom row (from left): Amelia Proulx, Emily Moore, Avery Robbins, Anna Reier, Lily Sipprell, Libby McCue and Stephanie Anderson; Second row (sitting): Anna Elliott, Sam Otto, Ingrid Aufderheide, Ari Zahasky, Blake Lee, Kathryn Butler, Beckett James and Jake Gaylord; Third row: Coco Sir, Hallie Dierbeck, Kathryn Collins, Quinn Jenson, Claire Ficek, Mikaela Morris, Grace Peterson, Ellen Pruitt and Laura Sunnarborg; Back row (standing): Olivia Martel, Katie Clarke, Avery Finck, Lauren Balk, Grace Carlson, Melissa Drill, Jack Dahm and Mason Brakemeier

Mound Westonka High School brought 153 students in grades 9-12 to compete at the 2020 Minnesota DECA State Career Development Conference, which was held March 1-3 in Minneapolis. Continuing a long tradition of excellence for the Westonka DECA program, 32 students are headed to Nashville next month to compete at DECA Internationals.

Approximately 3,500 Minnesota DECA student members take part in the organization’s competitive events program during the school year, allowing them to compete in over 50 events focused on the areas of entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, marketing and related fields. The competitions are designed to simulate real-life business scenarios and test students’ academic understanding and skills development. After qualifying at district competitions earlier this year, students put their talents to the test during the state competition.

Westonka DECA was entered in 50 of the 53 events run at the state level. The top 12 finishers advanced to the final round in each DECA category. Westonka advanced 60 students/teams to the finals:

Written Papers:
Sales Chapter Project – Anna Elliot, Anna Reier, Blake Lee, 6th
Community Awareness Chapter Project – Avery Finck, Emily Moore & Amelia Proulx, 3rd
Business Solutions Chapter Project – Kathryn Collins, Olivia Martel & Mikaela Morris, 8th
Financial Literacy Chapter Project – Trent Kelly, Avery Robbins, Katherine Clarke; 7th
Integrated Marketing Campaign Service – Grace Peterson & Lily Sipprell, 3rd; Jake Gaylor, Blake Lee & Anna Reier, 4th; Lydia Emery & Gabby Yonker, 10th
Integrated Marketing Campaign Product – Ingrid Aufderheide & Hallie Dierbeck, 7th; Santi Phommahaxay & Brooke Pioske, 9th
Innovation Plan – Kathryn Collins, Hannah Hall & Annie Springer, 7th
Franchise Business Plan – Josie Farwell, Cooper Curti & Nick Peterson, 8th
Start Up Business Plan – Stephanie Anderson, Mason Brakemeier & Kathryn Butler, 3rd
Business Growth Plan – Jack Dahm, 3rd
Buying and Merchandising Operations Research Project – Chloe Kantola, Emma Mack & Ari Zahasky, 8th
Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research Project – Quinn Jenson, Libby McCue & Coco Sir, 2nd; Lily Donelan, 10th
Finance Operations Research Project – Melissa Drill, Emily Moore & Samantha Otto, 3rd
Business Services Operations Research Project – David Godoy-Henderson, Olivia Martel & Avery Robbins, 9th

Professional Selling Events:
Professional Selling – Ellen Pruitt, 5th

Individual Role Plays:
Apparel and Accessories Marketing Role Play – Bennett Kelley, 12th
Business Finance Role Play – Jack Ryall, 11th
Marketing Communications Role Play – Jake Gaylord, 12th
Hotel and Lodging Management Role Play – Meagan Mattson, 12th; Elijah Goetz, 13th
Human Resources Management Role Play – Emma Mack, 11th
Quick Serve Restaurant Role Play – Samantha Otto, 8th; Anna Elliott, 9th; Coco Sir, 11th
Business Services Marketing Role Play – Amelia Proulx, 1st
Personal Financial Literacy Role Play – Blake Lee, 2nd
Retail Merchandising Role Play – Anna Reier, 1st; Stephanie Anderson, 2nd; Josie Farwell, 5th; Nathan LaLuzerne, 8th
Restaurant and Food Service Management Role Play – Avery Robbins, 5th

Team Role Plays:
Hospitality Team Role Play – Lauren Balk & Grace Carlson, 5th; Sara Funderburk & Gretta Pioske, 12th
Buying & Merchandising Team Role Play – Kathryn Collins & Claire Ficek, 4th; Laura Sunnarborg & Ellen Pruitt, 10th
Travel & Tourism Team Role Play – Olivia Martel & Ari Zahasky, 5th
Marketing Management Team Role Play – Logan Leonard & Brooke Pioske, 10th; Samantha Pickert & Gabby Yonker, 11th
Financial Services Team Role Play – Savanna Newell & Maureen Reily, 11th

Principle Role Play (first-year members only):
Principles of Marketing Role Play – Brekken Thompson, 11th
Principles of Finance Role Play – Beckett James, 4th

Top Test Score Medals:
Financial Literacy Exam – Jack Dahm, David Godoy-Henderson & Blake Lee
Business Administration Core Exam – Logan Kevitt
Business Management & Administration Cluster Exam – Emma Mack, Hallie Dierbeck & Sara Olson
Marketing Cluster Exam – Grace Peterson & Laura Sunnarborg
Hospitality Cluster Exam – Olivia Martel
Entrepreneurship Exam – Grace Peterson
Finance Exam – Isaac Miner, Jack Ryall and Laura Sunnarborg

State-Only Events (those that don’t advance to International DECA):
Sales Demonstration General/Home Service Lines – Brekken Thompson, 12th
Sales Demonstration Hard Lines – Gretta Pioske, 5th
Sales Demonstration Soft Lines – Scott Greenshields, 3rd
Employment Interview – Entry Level – Ava Hollan, 5th; Sara Funderburk, 10th; Savanna Newell, 12th

The following MWHS students will compete with 20,000 top students from around the world at the 2020 International Career Development Conference – the pinnacle of DECA competition: seniors Jack Dahm, Melissa Drill, Olivia Martel, Emily Moore, Mikaela Morris, Sam Otto, Amelia Proulx and Ari Zahasky; juniors Lauren Balk, Grace Carlson, Katie Clarke, Claire Ficek, Avery Finck, Grace Peterson, Avery Robbins and Lily Sipprell; sophomores Stephanie Anderson, Ingrid Aufderheide, Mason Brakemeier, Kathryn Butler, Kathryn Collins, Hallie Dierbeck, Anna Elliott, Jake Gaylord, Beckett James, Quinn Jenson, Blake Lee, Libby McCue, Anna Reier and Coco Sir; and ninth-graders Ellen Pruitt and Laura Sunnarborg.

The 2020 International Career Development Conference will be held April 29-May 2 in Nashville. Westonka DECA will be fundraising to help cover travel costs. Watch for more information about fundraising opportunities in Westonka News.

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