Varsity Baseball · White Hawks Baseball Senior Salute – Calvin Mackell

Calvin Bids Farewell

Throughout my life sports has been a big part of it. Sports were almost the only thing I did as a kid, I love sports. I grew up playing basketball and baseball. I would play Summer baseball, fall baseball, and in the winter I played basketball and in the spring I would play more basketball. I would always want something to do and sports would always keep me busy. Some of the first memories were my dad and I playing catch with a baseball in our front yard, hitting baseballs in our front yard, and shooting around in our driveway. I loved making friends on my sports teams. It was a key thing in sports for me to get closer with my teammates. Later on in sixth grade I started playing football and I really liked it. Football was just another sport on the list that I wanted to do. Football made me realize about the key things that will make you successful later in life that you need to work hard and you need to be on time. The person who really taught me about those things was Coach David (football coach). He would always try to keep pushing our limits because he always wanted the best from us.

 One of my favorite coaches that has ever coached me was Coach Lang. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have played any varsity basketball. He developed me so well and he taught me so many key things about the game of basketball and he’s probably one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. He was the coach  for our spring basketball team and he practiced us so hard I was in such good shape after spring basketball. He would always come to our games to watch us play and always help us in what we need to do to get better.

The coach that really helped me develop my game in baseball was my dad. He helped so much and practiced with me so much. We would always play catch, hit, and pitch. He would always help me with my swing to determine if it was level or not, and that would improve my game by so much. He would always come to my games and after each game he would send me a text and tell me what I was doing wrong and what we needed to work on for the next time we practiced together. He was such a good coach to me and I’m so thankful I had him as a coach.