Varsity Baseball · White Hawks Baseball Senior Salute – Jack Bullock

Jack Bids Farewell

Dear Sports,

Thank you for teaching me so much in my life so far. The biggest thing that you taught me is that winning isn’t everything. Although winning is probably one of the greatest achievements that an athlete can achieve, sports aren’t all about that. Sports are so much more than that. When I think about my career in school sports I think about all the relationships I made and the brotherhood that was created with me and my friends as teammates. We all grew up together and played together till the very end. We won and lost together and went to war every game, putting everything we had into it. Not all of us had the greatest talent but we put everything we had into it and bettered ourselves everyday and none of that can ever be taken away from us.

Lastly one of the greatest things that you taught me was that not everything is going to go the way you want it. When I think of this season and what it could have been I realize how grateful I am for the time I was able to play and what I was able to accomplish in that time, because when it’s over it’s over. Thank you for all the memories you gave me and the lessons I can take away from you to use later in life.

Yours truly,

Jack Bullock