Varsity Baseball · White Hawks Baseball Senior Salute – Lucas Ralph

Lucas Bids Farewell

Well to be completely honest it kind of feels like I had what might have been the best part of my high school career taken away from me, my last few months of high school, my last season of baseball, but most of all I feel like I lost out on some of the best experiences that were to come. But instead of reflecting on what could have been I feel it would be better to write on some of the positives and what baseball and other sports at Mound Westonka have done to shape my life for the better.

I remember when I transferred to Mound my freshman year, I didn’t know a single person, not one. I was scared crapless my first day, which carried into my first week, until I made some friends who played on the football and baseball team. They asked me to go lift with them in the weight room after school which I did, where I met the football coach and later made a whole bunch of friends whom I still hold close today. I began to go to the weight room more on my time and grew out of the shy kid I used to be, and joined the football and baseball team the following year. I cannot say enough on how much playing football and baseball shaped me into the man I am today. All of the lessons and values that I have learned, the interpersonal connections I have made, and even more so how it’s changed my future for the better.

The past few years I have made countless memories with friends playing baseball, and it’s something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I would like to thank all of the athletics staff at Mound for being a super inclusive and inspirational bunch of people, not only being the best at their job, but reaching out to the kids when they needed it without being asked. They also seemed to actually care, forming friendships with the kids and looking forward to the next day, always with a positive attitude and I believe that sort of thing rubbed off on a lot of the kids who played sports, which is a great thing. I’d like to thank Coach Pat, Ibs, Lenz, Jimmy, Coach David,  and Coach Kuehl for that.  I also want to thank my parents for making it all possible, and letting me grow into who I am today. Lastly I would like to thank all of my teammates for helping in making some of the best memories I could have asked for with some of the best friends I could have asked for.

Through all the vigorous training some important lessons I have learned is to always give it your all, 110% no matter what. I’ve also learned the importance of balance,  between school, sports, work, and life, something that I knew nothing about before playing sports. I have also learned the importance of having a close knit community, especially with one like Mound’s, it’s going to be hard to try and go anywhere else and get that same feeling that there seems to be here. My first homecoming football game I remember all of the fans we had packed in the stands, to think how such a small school and small community could show up in such big numbers just put a smile on my face and made me proud of where I was.

Looking into the future I look forward to seeing Mound improving even more, to see the baseball program strive, and to be great. I am sad that I was not able to participate in one last year of baseball and to further feel that strong connection that our community has, but I will be equally happy to see what the underclassmen do with their next season as the seniors before me did as well. Thank you Mound Westonka, you’ve done so much for me.