White Hawks News · Winter Sports and Activities

Good Evening,

I hope this email finds you well and will prove to answer some of the questions you might be having as we start the 2021 Winter athletic seasons.  

#1  COVID-19 Notice from the Minnesota State High School League

          – Post COVID-19 Graduated Return to Sport – must be used to clear a student-athlete to resume participation after a positive test.

#2  Mask/Face Covering Rule

          – Mask/Face Covering Guidance – 01-05-21

          – Student-Athletes – you NEED to advocate for yourselves!!!!  If you need a break, take a break!

#3  Wright County Conference Website – schedules are located on this site.

          – live streaming links for “home” events will be posted for each event on this site.

          – we will also post the “away” event links when we receive them.

          – we will also post these links on the Westonka Activities Website and Tweet them out.  

#4  Attendance at events

          – MSHSL Information shared at this afternoon’s meeting.

          – we will be working over the next several days developing attendance plans for each location: MWHS Gyms, WAC, & Thaler Ice Arena.

          – we have to work out details in regards to:

               – are we going to create/distribute passes?  which levels? -and/or-

               – are we going to be using online ticketing (Ticket Spice)? -and/or-

               – do we allot a certain number of tickets to each participant?  Do we set aside tickets for students? -and-

               – when do we open doors?  What will be our sanitizing plan?  Our exit plan? 

               – etc.

          – we will be sending “sport specific” information to all student-athletes, parents, and coaches once these plans are developed.

#5   Locker Room Use – Guidance is currently discouraging the use of locker rooms.  We are working on a plan to be able to use them in a safe way.  

          – PLEASE be patient as we work through these issues!  In the end, we ALL want the same thing!  We want the student-athletes to be able to compete & we want spectators to be present to watch, and encourage, them as well!

Thanks for your time and GO WHITE HAWKS!