Mound Westonka Football Program Philosophy

White Hawks Football Mission Statement
Our mission is to develop quality men while playing the game of Football to WIN.

The Westonka Football program will strive to develop young men in the following three areas:
1. Develop Teamwork skills that will enhance their future.
2. Develop skills of individual student-athletes to handle adversity.
3. Build young men that are successful sons, fathers, and husbands.

White Hawks Football Fundamentals:
-Team                          -Attitude
-Responsibility             -Work Ethic
-Excellence                  -Hope
-Faith                           -Discipline
-Dedication                  -Effort
…in the Classroom, on the Field, and in the Community.

4 Core Team Rules:
1. Never Quit
 Never Whine
 Never Get Embarrassed
4. Give Everything You Have for Each Other – F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Varsity Team Goals:
1. To develop positive personal traits through implementation of the The White Hawks Way program.
2. To provide positive role models for younger students in regards to behavior, accountability, attitude, and dedication.
3. To provide student-athletes with the greatest experience of their athletic careers.

Lower Level Team Goals:
1. Whether it is on the field, in the classroom, in the weight room, we want to work hard, play hard, and make NO excuses.
2. Have FUN!!
3. Weightlifting mechanics are learned and demonstrated the entire season, while executing the White Hawks Strength & Conditioning program.
4. Develop and maintain large numbers of participants by playing each participant a minimum of 3 series on Offense or Defense in each game, provided team rules have been followed and effort is deserving.

White Hawks Football Handbooks:
Player Handbook
Parent/Guardian Handbook